Radiant Heating Systems

Among various home heating options, the radiant heating is the best one. There is no need to install ducts or vents. It can be installed directly in the floor or ceiling. This heating system provides very comfortable heating to the room residents. They experience even heating in all parts of the room. There are no cold spots anywhere. Unlike direct heaters that heat air, radiant heating system heats people and objects in the room. This type of heating gives a warm feeling. Many homeowners wish to install all year round conservatory that can be used throughout the year.

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Different Types of Radiant Heating Systems

Most homeowners prefer floor radiant heating system. It is available in direct electric as well as water based heater system. The electric heater has an electric mat that is placed beneath the floor. Electrical cables are directly built and installed within the floor. This system is generally not used because of high costs. Hot water hydroponic radiant floor heating system is preferred. In this system, first the water is heated. The warm water is run through the flexible plastic tubes placed in the floor. This heating system is more popular due to its low cost advantage, easy installation and maintenance free use. Because the heating system uses water in place of direct electricity, it is more energy efficient.

Parts of Radiant Heating Systems

The type of components used in a radiant heater depends on the type of heater and the placement of elements that heat the room. Plastic tubing in the form of floor heating mat is used to distribute warm water throughout the floor. All such heaters have a thermostat that allows users complete control over the heat intensity in the room. The main part of the heater used for heating is encased in stainless steel case. The source of heat can be electricity, water or solar energy.

How a Radiant Heating System Works?

In case of hydroponic radiant heater, the water is heated by the main heating unit. This warm water is run through the plastic tubing. After reaching the end of the pipe, the warm water cools down. This water is returned back to the heater where it is heated and sent to the pipe again. It is a continuous process that keeps going on as long as the system is working. The floor heated by the warm water pipe helps keep the room warm. Floor heating method is preferred because heat rises from lower to higher level.

Benefits of Using Radiant Heater for Home

This type of heating system is safer than forms of heaters. Simple plastic piping built into the floor is sufficient to handle complete heating needs in a room. This type of heating does not spread airborne particles. It is an energy efficient heating system. Water is heated using very low amount of electricity. With other types of heating systems, loss of humidity inside the room is a big problem. People inside the room find the indoor environment completely dry and feel uncomfortable. There is no such issue when radiant heating system is used. It does not affect humidity level in the room. These advantages make radiant heater the most preferred heating system for homes.